Eat At These Ballantyne Neighborhood Restaurants In The City Of Charlotte NC

What have you heard about Ballantyne NC? If you aren’t sure where this city is located, think Charlotte NC. It is actually located right in the city of Charlotte, as Ballantyne isn’t a city itself. Instead, it is a neighborhood, a very nice one, too. To give you a closer look at what awaits you in Ballantyne, I’m going to tell you about four of the restaurants located there. Are you considering renting an apartment or buying a home in Ballantyne?

Vine American Kitchen is one of the restaurants that await you. It is located at Conlan Circle, and you are talking about crab cakes, flat bread, jambalaya, salmon and many other great foods. Vine American Kitchen is definitely a top restaurant in your vicinity, and it helps to know what good ones are close by in a big city like Charlotte.

Stone Mountain Grill is another popular place to grab a bite to eat in Ballantyne. Considering Ballantyne is a neighborhood and not a city itself, some of the top establishments might be nearby and not necessarily right smack dab in the middle of the neighborhood itself. They will all be in Charlotte and of course some of the closest restaurants to you. And remember, Ballantyne is an upscale neighborhood, so you can imagine they are some really nice establishments, like the two mentioned so far.

Have you yet heard of Sweet Frog Ballantyne? It is located at Conlan Circle like Vine American Kitchen. This is one place you can stop in for dessert. By the way, I forgot to tell you where Stone Mountain Grill is located. You can find it on John J Delaney Drive. Be sure to check out the firecracker shrimp there, and then you can head over to Sweet Frog for dessert.

The Blue Taj is another popular restaurant in the Ballantyne area. As a matter of fact, it is located on Ballantyne Village Way, and this is where you dine on Indian cuisine. Does that make you hungry for curries? All kinds of great dishes awaiting you.

You are going to fall in love with the neighborhood of Ballantyne North Carolina. It is a charming place, and you are going to find that out. Have fun getting to know your new neighborhood, and make sure that you check out all the fun things to do. You will have a blast for sure, and remember, there is the rest of the great city of Charlotte NC, too.